Estate Sales Company The Hamptons


Estate Sales Company The Hamptons

What are the benefits of using an estate sales company? Why would we be interested in an estates sales company in The Hamptons? Is the process complicated? Would we make more money doing it ourselves?

Estates NY is the leading estate sale company for private homes in the greater New York area. We conduct exclusive estate sales and have over 25 years of experience. Our name is synonymous with maximum generated sales.

In The Hamptons any estate sales company will not produce the highest possible prices that are seen in Estates NY sales. We specialize in fine furnishings, silver, art, couture fashion, porcelain, fine rugs, musical instruments, fine jewelry and collections.

Potential clients might ask why use a Southampton estate sales company. What are the benefits? Why would we consider bringing strangers into our home? Let's look at why savvy owners are selecting Estates NY, an estate sales company The Hamptons.

Although homeowners pay a percentage of the gross sales, most estate owners will net more money from the sale. There are several reasons that contribute to larger net proceeds when Estates NY is at the helm.

  1. Estates NY's owner, Wendy King, has a 35-year career in sales and marketing including managing director of global advertising for L'Oréal and Calvin Klein
  2. Database of over 7,000 established customer email addresses
  3. Local online and traditional advertising plus social media
  4. Quality photography and detailed accurate descriptions of every item
  5. Expert appraisal staff who knowledgeably set values for all items

Potential sellers also question why we need to use an estate sales company The Hamptons. Circumstances vary from seller to seller. Let's look at some of the circumstances of our sellers.

  • Owners' relocation, including moving abroad or on short notice
  • Downsizing, retirement or change in family situation
  • Settling of the estate of a family member
  • Realtors
  • Estate Managers
  • Raising cash
  • Option to have online auction for clients who don't want the sale conducted in their home

Is Estates NY only an estate sales company for The Hamptons? Or is it an estate sales company for Southampton too? We offer 25 years of experience in estate sales in The Hamptons, Westchester County, NY, Rockland County, NY, Fairfield County, CT and New York City. Our owner and her family owned a successful antique business for over 30 years before the creation of Estates NY. Her family spent a lifetime in art, accessories and antiques. We've been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Real Housewives of New York City and the Daily News. Our Southampton estate sales company provides expertise not only in antiques of any period and style but also modern and contemporary furnishings, art, photography and jewelry collections. Call us if you'd like to know if we service your location and for a free consultation.

What advantages do we offer the owner of an estate? Estates NY offers many advantages that potential sellers may not have thought about. Not only are we an estate sales company in Southampton, we service all the Hamptons and the metropolitan NYC area, including The Bronx, Manhattan and Northern New Jersey. We offer advantages that a seller might not have considered. Our sellers often tell us how stress-free our service was for them when they relocated or sold their parents' home. We provide honesty and empathy along with diligence and coordination. Our goal is to help eliminate the stress of an estate sale.

Our goal is to obtain the highest possible prices for your possessions or the property of an estate for which you are responsible. Our estate sales company Southampton staff offers over 75 years of combined experience in evaluating art, antiques, fine furnishings and jewelry.

Estate Sales Company The Hamptons

Let's look at the services and advantages that we offered.

In our initial meeting, we listen to what you hope to accomplish and offer the best alternatives for the items that you have for sale. Because The Hampton estate sales company works with auction houses, we can offer several options for getting our sellers the best possible price for their prized art objects, jewelry, precious gems and collections. Sometimes, an online auction might offer the best prices. We'll offer our opinions on the best way to optimize your estate sale.

Once we have settled on a plan of action and presented the contract for your signature, we will inventory and appraise everything. The advantages of choosing The Hamptons estates sales company are many. We know the local market. Mid-century furniture along with antiques attract buyers. Estate jewelry and couture costume jewelry along fine china, crystal, sterling silver and art are all included. Collections of any kind are cataloged.

Appraisal services are provided at no additional cost by our The Hamptons estate sales company. Our staff offers vast appraisal experience. We've evaluated over 300,000 articles.

We research unusual items and provide custom price tags. Our staff will organize and set up your home for the sale. You, as the seller, don't have to lift a finger. Our staff specializes in setup and presentation. Vignettes are prepared to encourage our clients to redecorate utilizing lots of items from your home. Count on The Hamptons estate sales company to provide the attention your sale merits.

Our Southampton estate sales company advertises your sale. We utilize local media including newspapers and radio along with social media. We have over 7,000 past customers on an email list to announce upcoming sales.

On the day of the sale, every detail is carefully planned. We provide security personnel and monitor parking. Security is also provided during set-up. No other estate sales company in The Hamptons provides the attention to detail to assure your peace of mind.

We provide Lloyd's of London $2 million liability and property insurance coverage for every sale. Our goal is to provide our sellers peace of mind throughout the estate sale process.

We offer additional services to assist owners to prepare the home for sale afterward. You may want to consider these services offered by an estate sales company in Southampton.

  • We offer home clean-out so that it's broom clean and ready to show.
  • Clients can have us put unsold items on consignment.
  • We can also handle charitable contributions of unsold items for sellers who choose to donate. We provide donation documents for individuals, estates and executors.
  • We can also provide assistance with packing and moving.

As you begin to consider utilizing the services of a Southampton estate sales company, remember that experience in valuable collections, antiques, rare and sought-after artwork and one-of-a-kind jewelry will result in more money for you or the estate. Don't be tempted to selecting a company who charges a lower percentage but who has less experience. The wisest decision is to choose The Hamptons estate sales company with 75 years of combined appraisal experience. We have produced record auction results for clients with rare and/or sought-after items.

Estates NY, a Southampton estate sales company, offers special advice to those who are selling the estate of a loved one. Don't throw anything away before one of our representatives comes to inventory the contents. Sometimes, old prints, old photographs, and old serving pieces may be far more valuable than they appear to the untrained eye. But to the trained eye of The Hamptons estate sales company appraiser, we may see a rare document.

We provide another benefit when you engage the services of an estate sales company in Southampton. We know the sales tax laws for all the counties and states where we conduct sales. Tax laws vary. We offer our sellers peace of mind.

We, as a Southampton estate sales company, understand the pressures that you may be facing. Perhaps a job transfer or new job across the country or abroad necessitates your early departure, and there's no time to tie up all the loose ends. That's when Estates NY can help. Perhaps one or more of the heirs is pressuring you to settle the estate, and you live 2,000 miles away. Again, Estates NY can help. We will meet you at the property on weekends or after traditional business hours. We work with out-of-town sellers and keep you informed all along the process.

Lastly, an estate sale conducted by an estates sale company in Southampton provides convenience. Nothing has to be packed or moved. The sale is conducted by our staff on-site with security provided. We handle the financial transactions, collect and disperse the sales tax and clean up your property after the sale is completed. The property is broom clean and ready for a walk-through, closing or to go on the market.

Estates NY and our staff invite you to call us for a free consultation. There are no upfront costs. Please allow us the opportunity of conducting an estate sale to help you transition to the next stage of your life or as you settle the estate of a loved one. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest prices possible.