Broadway Actor's Large Home in Carmel .... treasure!!

This truly eclectic home features Swedish modern, many antiques, art,  theater and sports memorabilia.  Features include several Swedish modern bedroom suites,  Roche du Bois sectionals;  Antiques include a beautiful 18thC Irish hutch, Swedish chests, mid 19th century grandfather clock by Hoadley of Plymouth; an extraordinary Dutch armoire, beautiful trunks, painted furniture, Pierre Deux coffee table, numerous 19th century country antiques, gorgeous French dining table; Arabia china, John Boomer oil, Gorman prints, and others, signed theater and movie posters, LPs, playbills, autographed baseballs and footballs, etc; an 8ft. pool table ... and we are still uncovering treasure!  It is certainly worth the trip to beautiful Carmel for a great sale and many surprises!!



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