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A Stradivarius violin recently sold in London for over 9 million pounds equivalent to over 15 million U.S. dollars with all of the money earned by the auctionee is being donated to the tsunami victims of Japan. The donator remains anonymous but his (or her) giving back is a wonderful contribution to the world.

Donating your items is often a great way to do the same, and at thesame time collecting a nice tax deduction for you... often after a sale we will help you donate items to your charity of choice... handling this part of the project free of charge as our way of giving back as well as saying thank you to our clients!


Collecting is a great hobby, and we recommend always keeping to a high value item like antique porcelain, fine crystal such as lalique or baccarat or sterling silver It retains its value and even increases in value as long as you buy well. Just be sure to buy pieces that are perfect without flaws, scratches or chips. Items with damage of any kind will not be appreciate and perhaps not even retain the value that you paid for them!

Art of value is something we specialize in and you should always ask us our opinion of an art object you are purchasing from our sale or elsewhere. We will give you an accurate representation if it is something that you consider an investment. There is always the person however who just purchases art because they like it and it adds a decorative flair to their home. Nothing wrong with that!!

About Our Services

We pride ourselves on running a well organized sale, with all items tagged properly. We take time to set up your home like a “boutique” …. this makes it easier for customers to grab up items they love.

We take time to review your possessions and offer advice on what items you may want to sell. If there is something your family is interested in keeping, we can let you know what price range will be paid for it, hopefully helping you make the decision between selling and keeping! Our recommendation is always keep what you love and not just for the sake of keeping something. Eventually you will wonder why you didn’t include it in the sale!

We will appraise and when necessary inventory your items for sale. We have experience in appraising for 35 years. Appraisal services are offered also in the event that you are not in the market to sell your possessions but just want values for insurance or collecting purposes.

Are you planning on moving...?

Make a floor plan of your new home and spend a bit of time figuring out where the items you are keeping will fit in your rooms. This will hopefully make your transition easier! If you miscalculate you will incur unnecessary moving costs, and/or storage fees. We certainly do not recommend putting items in storage. Storage costs add up quickly, and our experience is that once items are placed in storage, they are not used... just stored. Use your sale as an opportunity to weed out the items you feel you will not use as well as the items you feel will not work in your new residence or in your new lifestyle!

Ask for our recommendations for organizers and moving support. We have experience and can give you resources that are excellent, experienced and proven successful with our former clients.

If you are overwhelmed and are not sure how to begin either your moving process or the disposition of your family’s estate just call us to help you start. We will put you on the right track and you won’t feel so overwhelmed! We feel it is our role to help you through every step of the process including moving, organizing, re-purposing and selling your belongings! We do it all. After the sale we will even clean out your home in preparation of the final sale walk through. If you are in need of home staging to enhance the look of your home for sale, we can offer resources, services and advice.

To our loyal followers and to new followers: We hope you will enjoy our new website that has undergone a bit of a face-lift! On an on- going basis we hope to offer lots of meaningful information as well as news about the world of art and antiques.

Thank you so much for your continued patronage and support!! We hope to see you soon at our next estate sale! In the meantime...

Happy Hunting!!!