Hudson River Estate in Newburgh NY

Join us at this lovely home on the Hudson.  An estate featuring an African art collection, quite a few very fine Persian carpets including large Nizam and hand-made "Tree of Life" Persian, many clocks, contemporary art, eclectic primitive antiques, vintage Hello Dolly theatre poster, fine furnishings, antiques, prints,  leather sofas, glass top desks, Empire settee, books, modern lamps, antique Moroccan chairs, audio, quality household and a house full ....  a real digger!28-IMG_0124 27-IMG_0121 26-IMG_0119 25-IMG_0118 24-IMG_0116 23-IMG_0114 22-IMG_0113 21-IMG_0110 20-IMG_0109 19-IMG_0108 18-IMG_0107 17-IMG_0105 16-IMG_0102 15-IMG_0101 14-IMG_0100 13-IMG_0098 12-IMG_0097 11-IMG_0095 10-IMG_0094 09-IMG_0090 08-IMG_0089 07-IMG_0084 06-IMG_0082 05-IMG_0081 04-IMG_0080 03-IMG_0078 02-IMG_0074 01-IMG_0070