Hints & Tips

Getting Organized (In Preparation For Your Sale)

Organizing before your sale is very important, and can reap for you more rewards in the long run. Some of the most important things you can do:

  1. Isolate important family documents and photographs, or have your Estate Sale coordinator segregate these items for you. This is a service that any reputable Estate Sale company will offer you.
  2. Don’t throw anything away until you consult with an Estate Sale professional as there may be things that are saleable that you don’t realize have value.
  3. Do not donate clothing until after the sale. Some clothing can be sold and is often a very desirable item to have at an estate sale.
  4. Wait to make donations until after the sale. There will usually be plenty of items left that can be donated to you or your family’s favorite charity.
  5. Let your Estate Sale Professional organize your home in preparation for the sale. Most estate sale professionals include this as part of their service or for a very nominal fee. Since this is something they need to do anyway during the process of setting up your sale, this will save you time and money! Most importantly, it will take a lot of stress out of the process!
  6. If there is any area you would prefer them not to disturb, just let them know! They are there to serve your requests!
  7. When meeting with your estate sale company, be very clear about the items that you intend to keep so there are no misunderstandings later on. Most estate sale companies accept sales based on the items that are in the home, since this is how they calculate their potential commission.
  8. Your Estate Sale Professional should offer to secure the items you are keeping in an area in the home that is not going to be visible during the sale (an extra bedroom or locked area). Better yet, arrange to remove these items from the home at least 2 weeks prior to the date your Estate Sale is being held.
  9. If this is a relocation sale, you can also ask your mover to hold these items or move them temporarily offsite -- either to your new location, or in their temporary storage. Often there is a only a small charge for temporary service.
  10. Ask your estate sale company if they will arrange to donate “donatable” items after the sale. Many companies will offer this service for a very nominal fee and this will make the whole process smoother. Often Estate Sale companies will organize an appointment for the charities to come to the home to pick up donation items. They will obtain charitable receipts in your name.