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Incredible Artist and Collections Sale

"We are sorry but we must postpone this sale until further notice due to problems with the estate. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and we look forward to seeing you at our next sale that will be posted shortly. Thank you!"

We are very proud to be representing the estate liquidation of a well known Korean artist's work and his lifetime collections.  Dongkuk Ahn, born 1937 in Seoul, Korea, has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums throughout New York (and the United States), China, Japan, Korea and other parts of the world as a painter of abstract expressionism and realism.  He has permanent work at MOMA and is listed in the Who's Who of American Art and Who's Who in the East. His lifetime work of oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings and signed limited edition prints will be sold at this sale.  Also, of exceptional note are his well selected collections of quality ethnographic (Northwest American, Pacific (New Guinea), Indonesian, Australian) items that include over 100 intricate masks, Tau-Tau's, sculptures, and funereal artifacts.  There is a  tremendous amount of  Chinese, Korean, Tibetan and Japanese art, antique and ancient sculptures, scrolls, Thang-kas, Buddha figures, masks, paintings, drawings, prints, antique Chinese screens and furnishings.  It should be noted that the majority of these unique collections were purchased over the past 40 years at either Christie's or Sotheby's or through private galleries... and each piece is more special than the other.  Also for sale is quite extensive a library including many good art volumes and other interesting books, including Korean art, antique Korean and Chinese books, and a special section on the art of Tai-Chi.

And truly the highight of this sale is  Dongkuk Ahn's art that should surely not be missed as this is a chance to own a piece of expressionist work that is beautifully created, at once graceful and evoking, and is most certain to enhance your collection or your home, all offered at affordable prices.

There is an unusual amount of art supplies ... so if you are an artist, and have need of canvases, frames, ink and easels this is an opportunity to purchase these items at a great price!

We also have massage tables, tai-chi equipment and tapes for sale.

Please see a few photographs that we have included and will be added to the web site frequently before the actual sale.

Because there are so many items to be sold the sale will be held over the course of ten days beginning on June 11th through June 20th.

The studio and sale is located at 15 East 30th Street, Manhattan, time of sale from 10am to 5pm except Sunday the 13th and 20th from 11-4:30.

On Saturday, June 12th, the second day of the sale, we will be open late until 7:30 pm. Wine and cheese will be offered from 4:00 on.