Sale Process

Estates NY is a full service estate sale and appraisal company that will help you obtain the best possible prices for your family possessions through estate sale, auction or private sale.

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We understand that the process of a sale is often difficult for the heirs, homeowners and family members. With over 25 years of experience in this field, we combine integrity and compassion with hard work and organization. Our goal is to make the process of an estate liquidation as easy and as palatable as possible.

Sale Process Steps

1. Initial Meeting
We will meet with you to discuss the best options for the items that you want to sell.

2. Research & Appraisal
We will then research and set prices for your estate items. Appraisal services are included.

3. Organization & Preparation
We will sort, organize and prepare the home for the sale.

4. Presentation
We specialize in set up and presentation.

5. Advertising & Promotion
We will advertise, promote and notify our mailing list of 7,000+ customers.

6. During Estate Sale
We provide security for your home during set up and sale and cleanup of home after the sale.

7. Services After Sale 
We also offer home clean-outs including handling charitable contributions for the items you wish to donate.